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Below are some familiar faces from Inception; and their humble, yet incredible portfolios! (We celebrate you all!)

  1. Mrs Irene Mordi
  2. Ms Henrietta Ayinor
  3. Ms Osajiele Cynthia Joy
  4. Ms Nkechi Okosun
  5. Mr Collins Onuahon
  6. Ms Nkechi Bianze
  7. Mr Joel Mordi


Our board of directors is the governing body of MIF; Individuals who sit on the board are responsible for overseeing our organization’s activities. Board members meet periodically to discuss and vote on the affairs of our organization. At a minimum, an annual meeting must occur with “all” board members present. Additional meetings are likely to take place throughout the year so board members can discuss and make other necessary decisions. However board memberships are “not” set up to be permanent positions; MIF has terms set up for board members, which typically fall between two and five years.

MIF’s Board members list can be granted upon request or can be found in local newspapers and online articles as regards subsequent changes of our board directors/members.

MIF also have officers, from amongst our board members, who are given a higher level of responsibility compared to other board members. Initial officers are elected by the board; this vote usually takes place during MIF’s first meeting for a given year. Much like board members, officers usually serve terms. Typically, MIF have three (3) officers serving the role of President, Secretary, and Treasurer. (Officer Roles and terms are specifically defined in MIF’s bylaws)

PLEASE NOTE: MIF’s governance is “different” from its management (paid and non-paid staff/interns/volunteers). Initially we had board members serving in management positions, over the years as we grew, our board members where made separate from paid staff members. The board of directors, as a governing body, focuses on MIF’s mission, strategy, and goals. Staff members on the other hand are responsible for the implementation of the mission.

Having dual-capacity board members was not ideal for our mission and how we operate.

Also, officers are typically board members, there are no guidelines or requirements that suggest that we (MIF) cannot elect an individual outside the board to be an officer for our organization (unless the officer roles described in our organization’s bylaws state otherwise). It is possible for an individual to hold two separate offices, with the exception that the President cannot also serve as the Secretary.


Mr Collins Onuahon

Mr Collins Onuahon

Meet Our CEO: Mr Collins believes in “servant leadership” as well as walking his talk; while our board of directors steers MIF in regard to fulfilling our mission, our CEO takes a hands-on, business-oriented role. Ranging from;

Strategic Management;

Mr Collins has a smaller role in planning the strategic direction of the organisation. Working with the board, He provides advice on the practicality of the board’s vision and individual wish-list items, based on his knowledge of MIF’s budget, resources and staff expertise.

Executive Management;

He is the liaison between the board of directors and any managers or directors of MIF. This means he communicates to the chief financial officer and department heads the goals of the board and developing strategies and tactics to achieve these goals. He is sometime the public face of MIF, delegating management responsibilities to the chief operating officer, CFO, development director and department heads. Mr Collins also often helps with board development, suggesting, recruiting and training volunteer board members.


Because of the public scrutiny of a non-profit’s finances and the special legal aspects of non-profit accounting, Mr Collins takes an active role in the finances of our organization. He is closely involved in the creation of the annual budget and reviews each financial report through our treasurer. He is also responsible for working with the board to let them know what initiatives MIF can realistically pursue, as well as what needs our organization has that board members can communicate to our donor contacts.


He works closely with our organization’s marketing or development director (Joel Mordi), relying on public relations, advertising, promotions, and fundraising communications staff. He is however “not” a marketing expert, and is well aware of the image the board of director’s wants to communicate to the public, he also reviews and approves key external messages to ensure that they maintain MIF brand.

Human Resources

NOTE: MIF board of directors hire, direct and terminate our CEOs, while CEOs usually have direct responsibility for all other human resources duties.

It is his job to engage, inspire and ensure that our team are fulfilling their roles and moving our organisation forward. Which means he sets and hold people accountable to high standards; live, infuse and model our organization’s values; and making sure daily that our mission and the people we serve are paramount.

NOTE: Everything stated in the second paragraph above is “NOT” the sum total of his role, there’s more internal work to be done as well. Which includes policy and plan development, staff leadership (as already mentioned) and system development, program assessment, major/minor development, implementation, and evaluation.


Mrs Irene Mordi

Mrs Irene Mordi

Irene serves as the Chief Volunteer and partners with the Chief Executive in achieving MIFs mission. She provides leadership to the Board of Directors, which sets policy and to whom the Chief Executive is accountable.

She encourages the Boards role in strategic planning, financial planning, execution and reporting.

She also plays a leading role in MIF’s fundraising activities, evaluating the annual performance of this Non-profit.


Ms Henrietta Ayinor

Ms Henrietta Ayinor

Henrietta is the face of Maternal and Neonatal health in Nigeria and founder of her own Non-Profit; Rosetta Initiative for Maternal and Child Health (RIFMACH).

Henrietta currently serves as a Consultant and Volunteer for UNICEF in the United States of America and also one of the original board member for MIF.

She serves as our Secretary, keeping minutes of the board of directors. Additionally, she is responsible for keeping track of our organisation’s activities to make sure the actions of MIF are in accordance to our Bylaws.

She usually keeps track of the board members’ contact information in order to inform the board about meetings and updates on our organisation.


Ms Osajiele Cynthia Joy

Ms Osajiele Cynthia Joy

Meet our Legal representative and project Manager. She handles all the documentations and actualisation of projects. From Asaba, Lagos and Abuja, to London, Birmingham and Nottingham, in her eyes “no project is unattainable” and she have proved this statement with her actions and success of every project she has handled from the inception of M.I.F.

She tightens every loosed nuts to ensure that the plots of M.I.F becomes a reality. She is experienced in supporting the growth and operational performances with multi-disciplinary task to uphold the standard, ethics and values of our Non-profit and humanity.

She believes humanity should revolve around unwavering love and compassion having in the back of her mind that it is every mans duty to reflect these beliefs. Her experience is extensive and spans different discipline, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and (or) personal belief. but in all, she believes that through work-ethic, passion, enthusiasm and love M.I.F can leave a sustainable mark on humanity.


Ms Nkechi .G. Okosun

Ms Nkechi Okosun

She is a public speaker who is passionate about teen pregnancy and its drawbacks. Having travelled around the 36 states in Nigeria visiting public and private secondary schools, colleges of educations and Universities preaching her gospel.

She however serves as MIF treasurer keeping account of the receipts and disbursement in our books. Additionally she’s responsible for keeping track of MIFs financial condition. She keeps the other officers on board informed about financials.

Besides being our treasurer and an advocate for young girls, she is a well renowned fashion designer (her work has been exhibited in both London, Paris and New York fashion Week), she believes fashion have a key role in making valid statements. hence fusing passion, creativity and humanity into her craft. ultimately producing masterpieces with compelling back stories.


Ms Nkechi Bianze

 Ms Nkechi Bianze

She needs No introduction as chances are, you have stumbled upon her viral write-ups across Facebook, twitter and famous blogs and websites beyond the African diaspora… Her passion for gender equality is largely unmatched and her write-ups are a holy grail for thousands of people across different age, gender and social status.

Nkechi is unafraid to speak up on sensitive issues that are usually swept under the rug and in a well articulate and logical manner. (It does not come as a surprise as to why her write-ups are plagiarised on a daily basis)

She is in charge of gender-studies within the African diaspora and recent trends as well as all related topics in our organisations mandate in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

She recently started her own non-profit focused on capturing the younger generation with a sense of responsibility to achieving a gender equal world as opposed to one run by patriarchy.

She also run an open blog/free classified website where different issues are posted and discussed, and a segment for an online open market place for Nigerians across the globe.

joel pic

Mr Joel Mordi

Mr Joel Mordi


As an individual and the founder of a non-profit and advocacy organisation; I strongly believe in the power of words. With the right strategy, structure, intent (action) and focus, we can change the mind-set of millions of persons all over the world. This philosophy inspired M.I.F online Institute for advocacy, impact and policy review.

Currently serving as Chief Publicist/Marketing Director for MIF activities (both online/offline) and occasionally grants interviews as MIFs spokesperson whenever the CEO is not available.

Joel Mordi is a multi-faceted Social worker, Entrepreneur, Model, Feminist, Philanthropist, Farmer, Thespian, Creative content producer and social media star who blends philanthropy and year round social advocacy with unwavering passion, which inspired the birth of his worldwide iconic non-profit “The Mordi Ibe Foundation” (MIF: @Mif_Nigeria)

His passion for foreign policy, national development and policy implementation, personal growth and development further propelled him to create a non-profit platform attracting millions of views with core millennial audience and pre-teens alike.

MEET OUR FOUNDER AND HIS UNWAVERING COMMITMENT TO HUMANITY THROUGH THE UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS: Click Here: JoelMordi.Com to get an exclusive look into our founder’s portfolio including his:

  • Biography
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • His passion and commitment to the United Nations sustainable development goals
  • His faith in the youth movement
  • His use of social media for social good and a potent weapon for advocacy and awareness


  • Where we are with Digital advocacy (pros and cons)