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22–30 cervical cancer prevention Week

National Glaucoma Awareness Month

Cervical Health Awareness Month

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention

Birth defect Awareness Month

1 Commitment Day

2 Motivation and Inspiration Day

3 National Human Trafficking Awareness day

4 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)

5 World Leprosy Day

6 Street Children’s Day


Cholangiocarcinoma (CC) awareness week

National heart Month

LGBT History Month

1 World Hijab Day

2 Rheumatoid arthritis Awareness Day

3 National wear red day

4 World Cancer day

5 International Day of Zero tolerance to Female genital mutilation (FGM)

6 Sexual and reproductive Health Awareness Day

7 International day for women’s health

8 Red hand day (Child soldier Awareness day)

14 V-Day (Global day to end violence against women) and National Donor Day

15 International Childhood Cancer day And Cholangiocarcinoma day

20 World Day of Social Justice (Against Poverty)

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)

27 Anosmia Awareness Day

28 Rare disease day


Women’s history Month

Ovarian cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Nutrition Month

National Eye Donor Month

3-9 Endometriosis Awareness Week

6-12 National Sleep Awareness Week

1 Zero Discrimination Day

2 World Book Day

3 University Mental Health And Wellbeing Day (UMHAN)

4 International Women’s Day

5 No smoking Day

6 National Women and Girls HiV/AIDS Awareness Day

7 World Kidney Day

8 Consumer rights Day

9 Child sexual exploitation Awareness day

10 World down Syndrome Awareness day

11 World water day

12 World TB (tuberculosis) day

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)

26 Purple day for Epilepsy


Bowel cancer Awareness Month

National child abuse prevention Month

STD Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month

Autism Awareness

10-16. Homeopathy Awareness Week

11-24. Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week

18-24. Parkinson’s Awareness Week

24-30. World Immunization Week

25-1. Allergy Awareness week

27-3. Multiple sclerosis (MS) Awareness Week

3 World Autism Day

4 Drug Abuse Resistance Education Day (DARE)

5 Day of Hope

6 World Health Day

7 World Parkinson’s disease day

8 Undiagnosed Children Awareness day

9 Day of Silence (Against Bullying In School)

19 Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Action day

20 Volunteer recognition day

21 Earth Day

22 Malaria Day

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)


Hughes Syndrome Awareness Month

4-10 chicken pox Awareness Week

4-10 Deaf Awareness week

3-11 Dystonia awareness week

17-23 Dementia awareness Week

17-23 Epilepsy Week

3 World Asthma Day

5 International day of the Midwife

10 World lupus Day

10 Mother Ocean day

12 International Nurses Day

17 World Hypertension day

17 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

20 Endangered Species day

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)

28 World Hunger Day

31 No Tobacco Day


Still Birth and Neonatal Awareness Month

Scoliosis Awareness Month

1-7 Child safety Week

1-7 Volunteers Week

14-20 Diabetes Week

15-21 Cervical Screening Awareness Week

15-21 Men’s Health Week

15-21 Refugees Week

5 cancer survivors Day

5 World Environment Day

12 World day against Child labour

13 International Albinism Awareness Day

14 World Blood Donor Day

15 World Elder Abuse Awareness day

19 World Sickle cell Awareness day

20 World refugee Day

23 International Widows Day

25 World Vitiligo day

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)

26 International day against drug Abuse and illicit trafficking


11 World Population day

12 Disability Awareness Day (DAD)

15 Youth Skills Day

18 Nelson Mandela Day

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)

28 World Hepatitis Day

30 World Day against trafficking in persons and other related Crimes


Road Victims awareness Month (road Accident Victims and Road safety Awareness)

1-7 Breast-feeding week

12 International youth Day

19 world Humanitarian day

23 International day for the Remembrance of Slave Trade and its Abolition

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)

26 Women Equality Day

29 Individual Rights Day


International Blood Cancer awareness Month

World Alzheimer’s Month

Pain Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Hunger action Month

6-12 Migraine Awareness week

10-16 Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week

12-20 National Eczema Week

14-20 Sexual health Week

14-20 Know Your Numbers Week (Against hypertension/High Blood Pressure HBP)

18-24 Global Goals Week and World’s Largest Lesson (SDGs for Children)

5 International Day of Charity

8 Literacy Day

8 Hunger Action Day

10 World Suicide Prevention Day

15 International Day of democracy

15 Green peace Day

15 Lymphoma Day

21 International day of peace

23 Restless legs Awareness Day

23 Bisexual Pride, Bi Visibility Day

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)

25 International Ataxia Awareness Day

28 World Rabies Day

29 World Heart Day


Breast cancer Awareness Month

National Bullying prevention Month

Liver Awareness Month

Lupus Awareness Month

1-7 Asexual Awareness Week

5-9 Back-care Awareness Week

9-15 Baby Loss Awareness Week

19-23 Domestic Violence Awareness Week

1 Older People Day

2 International Day of Non-Violence

3 World Habitat Day

5 World Teachers Day

7 Personal Safety Day

8 World Sight Day

9 Fire prevention Day

10 World Mental Health Day

10 World Homeless Day

11 International Day of the Girl Child

12 World Arthritis Day

15 International Day of Rural Women

15 Global Handwashing Day

16 World Food Day

17 International Day for Eradication of Poverty

18 Anti-Slavery Day

20 Conflict Resolution Day

20 World Statistics Day

20 Osteoporosis Day

22 Make a Difference Day

23 Wear it Pink (For Breast Cancer)

24 United Nations Day

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)

29 World Psoriasis Day


Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

2-8 Dyslexia Awareness Week

16-20 Anti-Bullying Week

16-22 Alcohol Awareness Week

23-29 Road Safety Week

2 Stress Awareness Day

6 Orphan Sunday

9 World Freedom Day

13 World Kindness Day

14 World Diabetes Day

14 World Orphans Day

15 Philanthropy Day

16 International day for Tolerance

17 World Prematurity Day

18 World COPO (Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases)

19 International Men’s Day

20 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

20 Trans Day of Remembrance

20 Universal Children’s Day

22 White Ribbon Day (Men against Domestic Violence against women)

25 International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)

29 International Day of solidarity with the Palestinian people


Human rights Month

1 World Aids Day

2 International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

3 Disability Day

4 World Wildlife Conservation Day

5 International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development

9 International Anti-Corruption Day

9 International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of Crime and Genocide and prevention of this crime

10 Human Rights Day

10 International Animal Rights Day (IARD)

16 Day of Reconciliation

20 International Human Solidarity Day against Poverty

25 Orange Day for Women (Against Gender-Based Violence)