Environment And Climate: Environmental Racism Is Real, According to Trump’s EPA

The finding comes as the EPA cuts funding to fight this very problem.


Black and Latinx people in the US are more likely to live in poverty, receive insufficient health care, and experience police brutality and unfair prison sentencing.

They’re also more likely to live in polluted environments that endanger their lives, according to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The report found that areas with the highest concentrations of particulate matter in the air are in predominantly black and hispanic neighborhoods.


Particulate matter is a known carcinogen comprised of contaminants released from cars, factories, construction, and other activities. In addition to cancer, it also causes asthma, high blood pressure, and various other illnesses.

The report supports a range of other studies finding that environmental pollution disportionately affects people of color and those living in poverty throughout the US, according to the Atlantic.

It also backs global studies that show how pollution primarily affects people living in poverty.

And it comes as the EPA continues to cut funding for programs designed to mitigate and clear up pollution throughout the country.

The Atlantic goes on to note how black and Hispanic communities are more likely to be situated near fracking sites, industrial superfund sites (areas of extreme pollution), and landfills.

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