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Did you know that lymphoma has more than 60 subtypes and that treatments and outcomes vary wildly?

This year on World Lymphoma Awareness Day, we’re encouraging patients, caregivers, the healthcare community, and the general public to insist on subtype-specific identification when talking about lymphoma.

More than 1,000,000 people around the world live with lymphoma and 1,000 are diagnosed every day yet many patient organisations report patients are not told their subtype when they are first diagnosed.

This year, Lymphoma Coalition launched the Know Your Subtype campaign to:

  • Empower Patients: So they can receive the best treatment and specific support services
  • Encourage Subtype Reporting: For better understanding of the unmet needs of the patient
  • Bring About Global Impact: By initiating systemic change for naming and listing lymphomas


  1. Talk about the importance of knowing your subtype on social media using the hashtags #knowyoursubtype, #WLAD, and tweeting @knowyournodes.
  2. Visit Lymphoma Coalition’s Facebook and Twitter pages to share and retweet their posts!
  3. If you’re a patient, caregiver, or healthcare provider, share a picture of yourself with your subtype (or subtype specialty) and your country and use the hashtags #knowyoursubtype and #WLAD and we’ll share it with our followers around the world!
  4. Contact your local patient organisation (link to member list) to get involved in WLAD activities in your community.

Together, we can make a difference for lymphoma patients around world.


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